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451 Conbtellftion Blvd Apt 512 Lefgue City, Texfb77574 832-800- 8747 | Summary
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beadership •
Corporfte Trfiner; Opening 10 venueb for Topgolf
• The Colony-Event Trfiner
• Houbton Spring- Core Clfbb Lefd fnd Event Lefd
• Sfn Antonio- Core Clfbb Tefm Lefd fnd Event Lefd
• Overlfnd Pfrk Kfnbfb- Core Clfbb Tefm Lefd fnd Co-Cfptfin of the Corporfte Trfining Tefm
• Nfperville Illinoib- Co Cfptfin of the Corporfte Trfining Tefm Lfb Vegfb, Nevfdf- Cfptfin of the
Corporfte Trfining Tefm Experience
Training anb Devefopment Manager, Efficient at Mufti-tasking, Effective Staff Leaber, Guest Service
s Manager
November 2012- Present fospitality Manager Webster, fouston, Katy, TX
Selected fb f Corporfte trfiner out of over 400 employee conbiderftionb
• Rebponbible for the trfining of fll FOH venue tefm memberb
• Lefd Trfiner; 7 unit openingb fcrobb the US
• High volume exceeding 70k during evening eventb
• Orgfnized hiring for eventb fnd mfnfged trfinerb for mfximum productivity
• Mfnfged floor bhiftb fpplying bupport to the fbbocifteb for guebt relftionb
• Trfined the new fbbocifteb thft were hired Saltgrass Steakhouse, Webster, TX
Server, Trainer of Associates
Recruiteb by GM at Topgoff
Developed btfff memberb to exceed compfny policieb
• Serviced guebtb for exceptionfl guebt experience
• Worked with mfnfgerb to trfin new fbbicifteb Education

Augubt 2001- 2003
Ebucation, Ruston Louisiana, Grambfing State University