436-19851260 Martin St Nashville, TN,
Boone, NCB.A. Business Administration –
Finance (May 2011)AD DIT IO NAL
SK IL LSLeadershipCustomer ServiceCollections3rd Party Vendor ServicingRecruitingOperations ManagementBudgetsHiringMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft ExcelTrainingTeam LeadershipCoachingTraining and DevelopmentProfit and LossNew Business DevelopmentTeam BuildingMulti-Unit
Detail-oriented professional with 10.5+ years of experience and a
proven knowledge of all facets of Corporate and Field Operations
including People Management, Customer Service, Collections, Loan
Underwriting, Key Performance indicator and Metrics Improvement,
Relationship Development with 3rd Party Vendors, and Structuring
New Business Models along with Policy Development and
Implementation. I’m motivated to relocate and join your company
to leverage my skills to successfully fill the operational role at your
DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS: ONLINE LENDING: RURAL RESOURCE CENTERSAdvance Financial 24/7, Nashville, TN / Aug 2018 – Present � Developed and managed the expansion of the Corporate Online
Lending Department through remote contact center locations
built within existing brick and mortars. � The Rural Resource Center Project was completed within 11
Months and resulted in 9 additional locations and 45 additional
customer service agents specializing in Online Lending products. �Project Management aspects included Location Selection, Design,
Construction & Re-Model, as well as Vendor Management efforts. �Staffing efforts included Recruiting, Interviews, Hiring, and
Scheduling of 45 employees. A Turnover Rate of 6% was
achieved due to the New Business Model that included
improvements to Scheduling, Environment, Culture, and
Recruitment Techniques. �Operational Achievements included developing and directly
managing the Creation, Implementation, and Roll-out of all
Process, Policy, and and Key Performance Indicators. The Rural
Resource Center Teams performed within the top 10% of all
Online Teams. The Rural Resource Center Teams converted 45%
more loans than any additional Online Teams averaging 35%
more in dollars originated each month. Average dollars originated
per agent was $56,420.00. �People Management efforts included Scheduling, Attendance and
Performance Management in order to solve organizational and
department issues. Additionally, I presented People Management
Reports, Business Financials, and Performance Data and
Improvements to the Board of Directors on a weekly and monthly

The Rural Resource Center Project expanded the Corporate Call
Center: Online Lending Department by a total of 9 locations and
45 employees in less than one year. This expansion allowed the
company to expand its digital footprint within existing retail
locations, while creating more job opportunities in rural
communities. This project required extensive collaboration on a
daily basis with all company departments including the CEO,
COO, CFO, Project Management, Recruiting, I.T., Human
Resources, and Compliance Teams. The project also demanded
collaboration with all Field Operations teams due to the Rural
Resource Center teams remaining under the corporate umbrella,
yet operating within a Retail/Field Location. This made it critical
to control and develop communication channels between all levels
of management and staff in order to remain aligned with
company expectations. Because of the structure of the business
model, the Rural Resource Center Teams were able to
consistently out-perform both the Corporate and Off-Shore Call
Center teams in all areas of Key Performance Indicators.
Advance Financial 24/7, Nashville, TN / Jan 2018 – Aug 2018 � Managed all Operations aspects and the Expansion for the Online
Lending Department. � Staffing efforts include determining staffing requirements through
forecasting and expanding the department from 15 agents to a
staff of 165 within a 10 month span by re-inventing the
Candidate Selection and Interview Processes while building and
developing relationships with large scale staffing vendors. This
resulted in the Hiring, Training, and the Development of 6 Online
Mangers, 25 Online Supervisors, and 140 Online Agents. �Operations efforts include developing and overseeing the
Creation, Implementation, and Roll-out of all Process, Policy,
Compliance, Performance Management, and Key Performance
Indicators. Reporting was developed in an effort to identify
growth opportunities in Metrics and Behaviors surrounding Daily
Metrics, Lead to Loan Conversion, Quality Assurance, Customer
Service, Engagement, and other Key Performance Indicators.
These were reviewed Daily, Weekly, and Monthly and included
financial statements, activity reports, and all functional
performance data in an effort to measure productivity and to see
growth and development trends. � People Management tasks include Scheduling, Attendance
Management, Performance Management, Corrective Action and
Performance Improvement Plans in an effort to solve
organizational and department issues. Additionally, People
Management Reports, Business Financials, and Performance Data
and Improvements were presented to the Board of Directors on a
weekly and monthly basis that included File Reviews for Top
Performers, Bottom Performers, Performance Management
Issues, and 9-Box Reviews to identify Potential Stretch Roles. �The expansion of the Online Lending Department was
instrumental in the overall growth of the company from 2018
until now. The Online portfolio was able to make strides that
resulted in going from just over a million per year in origination’s
to surpassing the brick and mortar portfolio that had been
originating for 25 years. This was accomplished withing an 18
month span. The Online business model has proved to be
convenient and entirely necessary in the current economy
allowing for anyone to apply for credit from virtually anywhere
with a mobile phone and or laptop.

Advance Financial 24/7, Nashville, TN / Feb 2017 – Jan 2018 �Managed all Operations for the Expansion of Retail Lending in
East Tennessee. �The East Tennessee Project was completed within 9 Months and
resulted in 7 additional brick and mortar locations with 7 Retail
Managers, 3 Bench Managers, and 35 Customer Service
Representatives specializing in customer facing lending products. �Operations efforts include preparing Operational and Risk
Reporting including Loan Applications and Profit and Loss
Reporting for review by the Board of Directors on a weekly and
monthly basis to identify areas of opportunity. � People Management entailed all tasks to solve organizational and
department issues, developing employees to establish and
maintain relationships with customers and clients. Additionally
efforts were made to coordinate Volunteer Events and activities
and presenting People Management Reports, Business Financials,
Performance Data and Improvements to the Board of Directors on
a monthly basis.