NameAddressZipContact numberEmail address Note: If your email address has your year of birth, consider using a more generic one. Do not use an email address that may be offensiveWork History/Experience Note: Brief role responsibilities in bullet points. Include amount of people responsible for, if applying for management role. If with the same company, show the progression of promotion(Most recent) Restaurant name, Location – Date from – Date to(Next) Restaurant name, Location – Date from – Date toNote: No more than 10 years of previous jobs is requiredQualifications/CertificatesGive details of any formal qualifications you have and any certificates gainedEducationName of college/high school attendedNote: Do not provide graduation dateAdditional SkillsInclude any skills that may be relevant to the positionImportant:No photographs or date of birth on resumeKeep to no more than 2 pages for the resumeDo not be tempted to ‘doctor’ dates and job titles – this information is traceable and is likely to have a detrimental effect on your future applications