Facts & Figures – Recruiting for HPSHPS has been in business – based in Houston, TX for 20 yearsWe have more work orders (valid recruiting assignments) than we could ever fill We have a good reputation in the Local / Texas Hospitality industry as well as other markets in the US.We only recruit in the Hospitality Industry – Specifically Hotels / Resorts and Restaurants -All positions -from CEO to sous ChefHPS recruiters work from homeHPS uses all the latest Hospitality resume databases and recruiting toolsHPS has our own proprietary resume database and job posting siteThere are no set hours -recruit when you are able – (I usually conduct searches while watching golf or football)We have a thorough training system and you can make money during training (Live Training)There are no geographic boundaries or financial ceilings  Recruiting for HPS offers an excellent quality of lifeAverage placement fee is- $4800 -at 40% commission that would be $1920 to the recruiter -2 placements a month = $46,080 annual revenueRecruiter Commission Structure – 40% for all accounts given by HPS -60% on accounts the recruiter acquires on his/her ownPayment to HPS is usually made by client within 10 days of the candidate’s start date – Recruiter commission is paid the day after payment is received. Payment can be mailed or transferred through Zelle within minutes once it is received .This recruiting position is a 1099 /independent contractor position.Rule of thumb – historically we have made a placement for every 10 qualified resumes submitted to our clients- To be successful – a recruiter should submit 8-10 qualified resumes weekly -1 before lunch and 1 after lunch -has always been my strategyIt usually takes 3-4 months to begin making steady income – if you follow the above rule of thumb – ramping up to 8-10 resumes weeklyHPS offers 24/7 support for questions, comments, ideasSuccessful recruiters are the ones that treat the business as their ownUse social media to let everyone you know that you are recruiting for HPS, to post ads, and to conduct business development.It is a great place to work! -Be your own boss!