Starting September 1st, we will be launching UGE’s first monthly STAR Championship, a station-wide competition for the top performer in on-time STAR departures. STAR departures are critical to our operation, as getting these first flights out on time sets up the airline and station off right for the entire day. Thus, the acronym STAR: Start The Airline Right. To be the top tier ground handler that United Ground Express is, we need to be intentional about our passengers, airline customers, and colleagues. Running an on-time operation is a pivotal part of this process. As always, safety is our number one priority, so it is important not to rush and to work safely. Stations with aircraft or equipment damage will be disqualified from the competition. How will it work?Stations will compete amongst other stations in their airport tier. The station with the least number of STAR departure delays in that month will receive company recognition, a commemorative plaque, and pizza celebration. For the sake of this competition, airport tiers are designated by number of STAR departures per day. Stations will compete only with other stations in their designated tier: Tier 1: 1 STAR departure per dayTier 2: 2-3 STAR departures per dayTier 3: 4+ STAR departures per day