Joseph C. Curry
5656 Live Oak ST “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work,
Dallas, TX 75206 231-590-5443 so most people don’t recognize them.”
`Ann Landers

December 01, 2021
Dear Hiring Manager:
The image of your company’s stimulating work environment caught my attention when I read
about your Food Service position on the Michigan talent bank website. The requirements you
outline for the position are comparable to my backg round and experiences.
You will find my qualifications and experiences lis ted on my attached resume, closely
correspond with the job requirements you outline. I offer a combination of excellent
communication skills, leadership, team-oriented, mu lti-tasking abilities, and many years’
experience working in a customer service setting. F urthermore, the key components to my
success of past work experiences and opportunities include: a proven track record of excellent
communication skills, notable dedication, and excep tional hard work.
Overall, my background encompasses all aspects of a well-suited and successful employee. I
have enjoyed bringing my background to your attenti on and look forward to an opportunity to
discuss my credentials in greater detail.
Joseph C. Curry

Joseph C. Curry

5656 Live Oak ST
Dallas, TX 75206
“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” ~Ann Landers


Dedicated, resourceful, and motivated professional with a solid commitment to the overall success of
my team.
? Exceptional knowledge of food inventory, menus and production methods.
? An accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to communicate with customers and co-
workers to achieve maximum benefits for all involve d.
? Excellent interpersonal and communication skills wi th multitasking abilities to maintain
organization and composure in a fast-pace work envi ronment.




Hilo Operator, Advance Packaging
Grand Rapids, MI (February 2021- November 2021)
· Operate Hilo in a safe manner to move units from th e conveyor onto a pallet and then strap it
down moving to the area of the warehouse to keep it all organized. Load trucks up with units and
also unload trucks . Team player to helping others with learning the com puter system and
organizing of units.

Hilo Operator, Roskam Baking Company
Grand Rapids, MI (April 2020-February 2021) ·
Operate Hilo in a freezer moving product off of a c onveyor stacking it on levels of the shelves
that were scanned to. Also, staged product to areas so that it could be load to trucks. Loaded
trucks up in a timely fashion manner with frozen pr oducts.

Supervisor Cook Manager, Woody’s Press Box
Grand Rapids, MI (November 2017-September 2019)
· Oversee food safety, general duties to lead and enc ourage each shift to deliver a professional and
efficient dining experience. Ensured meals met or e xceeded previously set standards and worked
towards employee excellence in the kitchen.
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Bachelor of Arts (Completed 2010)
Major: Food Administration
Minor: Management

ServSafe Certification
Expires: 07/12/2021
ServSafe Alcohol
Expires: 08/09/2017

· Satisfactory Customer Service
· Leadership/Management
· Menu Planning: Design & Service
· Inventory Control/Purchasing

Joseph C. Curry

5656 Live Oak ST
Dallas, TX 75206
“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” ~Ann Landers

Manager/Bartender/Server, Buffalo Wild Wings
Grand Rapids, MI (May 2007 – August 2016)
Oversaw all general duties to lead and encourage ea ch shift to deliver a professional and efficient
dining experience, ensuring satisfactory customer s ervice in a fast pace work environment. Ability
to be a quick-thinker and proactively troubleshoot.

Steward, Firefly Restaurant (Soaring Eagle Casino)
Mount Pleasant, MI (February 2007 – May 2007)
· Worked skillfully as a team player maintaining a cl ean and organized work environment in the
kitchen and restaurant area.

Customer Service Representative, Woldt Snack Store (Central Michigan University)
Mount Pleasant, MI (August 2002 – May2005)
· Flexibility and knowledgeable to work where needed as food prep, cook, cashier, or waiter all while
ensuring the customer received a professional and p ositive shopping experience.

Customer Service Representative, Baldwin Lumber Com pany
Mount Pleasant, MI (May 2002 – August 2006)
· Delivered satisfactory customer service, while assi sting each customer with their purchasing needs.
Maintained inventory control with ordering and rest ocking shelves.

Joe Curry
5656 Live Oak ST Dallas, TX 75206
Cell: (231)-543-5443
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