Houston, Texas USA
USA Cell: 001-346-4042091
1 November 2020 CV: // Khaled Mohamed Hassan Khatab

Profile 2019: Food & Beverage Supervisor and Manager with more than 25 years
experience in the F&B and Hospitality industry; including 10 years as Restaurant
Management Supervisor at Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino, a hotel that serves
international travelers, multi-national heads of state and royal families. Served as Supervisor
and Acting Manager of Room Service Department in Cairo Marriott Hotel (a 1,050 room
property). Completed 20 years of Marriott Management and Supervisors training and
development courses in Egypt and in USA. Private Consulting, Supervisory, Management
includes resorts, indoor and outdoor venues, international conferences and special events.

For over 23 consecutive years served as employee of Marriott International; completed 12 years of Marriott Hotels
and Resorts International Corporation (Supervisory and Management programs) and American Hospitality Academy
(AHA) Professional Development Training (Supervisory and Management programs).
? Service and Customer Relationship Management
? Personal Relationship building within the hotel, as well as, with the community and public
? Experienced in Business and Conference Management
? Experienced in Staff and Resources Management
? Adept at dealing with diverse cultures
? Staff Management, Training and Team Leadership Building
? Quality Control of services, dining and beverage
? Troubleshooting and Customer Retention
? Oversight of multiple Events at venue (weddings, galas, special events, State functions)
? Oversight of kitchen and catering staff to ensure highest level of quality within an establishment
Supervisory and Management Experience (includes Lead Trainer positions)
International Experience
Cairo, Egypt Marriott Hotel, 1996 – Present (Marriott and AHA certifications)
? Room Service Supervisor and Acting Manager, 2016 – Present
Led operations for two guest towers and 1050 rooms
? Restaurants Supervisor and Acting Manager, 2015 – 2016
Led operations for Three Restaurants (JW’s Steak House, Tuscany, The Saraya Gallery)
? Torii Restaurant, 2014 – 2015; Acting Manager for Japanese Restaurant; fine dining
? Lead Trainer at Cairo Marriott, Guest Voice Module 9; 2014
? Egyptian Nights, 2012 – 2014; Supervisor for the Egyptian Restaurant (350 Seats)
? Restaurant Supervisor, 2009 – 2010; Supervisor for JW’s Steak House Restaurant
? Restaurant Captain, 2006 – 2009; Captain at JW’s Steak House Restaurant

Other International
? Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, Cairo, Egypt; 1995,1996 (1.5 years)
? Nile Maxim, Cairo Marriott; November 1996 – May 1998 (1.5 years) )
? Renaissance Hotel, Munich, Germany ( 2008); Marriott Task Force

USA Experience (2010 to date)
? F&B and Restaurant Management Consulting (2018-to date). Re-structured, increased sales revenues and
productivity for 4 different venues: increased sales $30,000 in first month of 150 seat German restaurant; trained
staff and increased services of a large 700 capacity special events hall and increased sales and service quality for 2

Houston, Texas USA
USA Cell: 001-346-4042091
2 November 2020 CV: // Khaled Mohamed Hassan Khatab

Mediterranean restaurants. Brought all venues to compliance and enhanced standards for services, product, staff
and facilities.
? Grand Marriott Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa, Autograph Collection (USA, Alabama USA), August 2010 –
August 2011 (1 year); Pool Supervisor and Main Dining ; sponsored by Marriott International
? Renaissance Battle House, Riverview Renaissance Riverview and Renaissance Montgomery Hotels; (2011);
Mobile, Alabama, USA); business hotels and large special events venues; Member Grand Marriott Task Force
? Marriott Orange Beach Resort, California USA; January – March 2011); Grand Marriott Task Force
? Private F&B Consulting: Facility Staff and Management Training; Re-Engineering of Themed Restaurants and
Events Ballrooms; 2018 – to date

Training – Certificates of Completion
? Marriott Lodging Training and Development Programs (2006-2018)
? Lead- Full Management Training (American Hospitality Academy)
? Marriott International Excellence in Hospitality and Guest Services Programs (and courses)
– Property Programs (TOPPS); Marriott International Training On-Site Property Program
– Essential Skills for Supervisors and Managers (2009 and 2013)
– Leadership Essentials: Leading Change
– Lead for Growth (July 2017)
– Living Our Core Value: Growing Our Marriott Family to build a Community
– Business Etiquette in introductions; – Using E-mail and Instant Messaging Effectively
– Performance Appraisal Essentials: 360-degree
– Giving Constructive Criticism, Giving Feedback, Criticism in Context
– Making Meetings Work – 2017
– Business Coaching – Getting Ready to Coach
– First Time Manager – Challenges
– Great Food Safe Food
– Service Excellence for Lifetime Loyalty
– HACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Points)

? August 1991 Graduate, Ain Shams University (Cairo, Egypt)
Bachelor of Commerce
? Feb 2009 Marriott International Training and Development Programs;
Essential Skills Supervisors and Managers
? Aug 2010 – Aug 2011 Certificate of Completion, American Hospitality Academy;
Hospitality Management Training and Cultural Exchange Program
? Marriott International- IT Data Management; Communications; Facility Safety and Security Training Programs

? Gold Key Award – Meeting Planner (2011); Endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska for management of a large,
high security, VIP event; Senator John McCain Presidential Election Campaign event
? Marriott Services Awards (1999 to date)

Personal Details
? Date of Birth: 18 December 1970
? Native Language: Arabic
? Nationality: Egyptian
? Marital Status: Married
? Languages: Arabic (native speaker; highly proficient); English (proficient); Italian and
Spanish (conversational)