WILLIAM K. GROOVERFRANCHISE EXECUTIVE AND VP OF OPERATIONSLewisville, Texas 75077 214.636.7971kylegroover@ymail.com209551003300EXECUTIVE SUMMARY20955215900Business-savvy and target-driven Franchise Executive and VP of Operations recognized for innovating cutting-edge management systems and strategies that transformed business operations, sales, and revenues for franchises, chain stores, and restaurants with $100M to $300M in revenue.Optimized 15+years in franchise and food & retail services development to lead and innovate high-level executive solutions and measures that curb costs and expenditure with quantifiable metrics on sales, EBITDA, revenue generation, and overall profits. Possessed successful portfolio of driving change management and operational transformation across franchises and corporate operations in Fast Casual, Full Service, and QSR and spearheaded projects spanning product line development, concept design, CapEX planning, property acquisition and management, etc. Prioritized organizations’ interest via strategic contract negotiation with vendors, and 3rd parties, championed growth and expansion by budgeting, forecasting, and viable project implementation while interfacing, communicating, and strengthening relationships with partners and stakeholders for an improved experience. Bridged performance gap and boosted productivity by promoting human capital development and handled HR operations involving recruiting, training, onboarding, coaching, and mentoring management teams and employees to exceed expected outcomes.19051073150EXPERTISE-7620190500? Franchise Development & Growth | Sales ? Business Development and Transformation ? Executive and Franchise Leadership? Food Service & Retail Management Solutions ? Change Management | Process Improvement ? Supply Chain Magt | Food Safety ? Quality Control | Regulatory Compliance ? Profit and Loss Management | Forecasting ? Business Operations Consulting ? Project Management | CapEX Planning ? Budgeting and Cost Control Measures ? Human Capital Development | HR? Vendor & Supplier Negotiation | Contract | RFP ? Growth Strategy and Business Acquisition ? Staff Development and Training ? Property Management | Business Acquisition ? Account Management | Product Development ? Recruiting and Staffing Initiatives 19051098550PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE-7620311150CONNECTED CONCEPTS, LLCVP of Operations – Franchise ManagementFeb. 2021 – Present Optimize background in franchise management and operations to deliver executive-level business leadership, business management, HR, and concept design consulting services for small and to-size companies. AchievementsBoosted ROI with high sales and EBITDA through innovative measures and management systems that reduced labor while coordinating P&L management, budgeting, and forecasting for high sales returnOptimized workforce productivity by initiative viable solutions via staffing and labor modeling consultation and launched operational systems and training programs that enhanced deliverability and overall performanceMaximized financial return while ensuring flawless franchise operations by spearheading vendor and contract negotiation and supply chain management of all foodservice programsBridged perceived performance gap by sourcing, attracting, and recruiting top talents and handled various HR activities, including candidate tracking and EEOC compliance Enhanced product, services, and brand positioning by optimizing sales data to design and implement viable marketing strategies with measurable metrics on overall sales and financial operations Curtailed costs while optimizing time and financial resources with the innovative concept design, product line development, and implementation of feasible operational systems through superior coordination strategiesCHOCTAW NATION OF OKLAHOMADirector of Operations & Concept Development – Division of CommerceApr. 2015 – Nov. 2020Appointed to provide executive-level business leadership and operational responsibility that streamlined successful franchise operations and execution with a $300M in revenue, reporting to the Executive Officer for 43 country markets, travel stores, fast-casual and full-service restaurants & bars. Charged with driving profit gains by developing acquisition and growth strategies while leading CapEx planning and project initiatives, including design and development of new stores, advanced kitchen layouts and building design, food & beverage concepts, etc. AchievementsEnhanced performance efficiency by improving staffing and labor modeling for 600+ employees with a measurable impact that streamlined franchise operations via data-driven operational and strategic plansChampioned expansion and continued growth of the franchise spanning travel stores, fast-casual and full-service restaurants & bars by spearheading new store opening project from planning to execution Maximized revenue return with measurable metrics on sales and EBITDA by optimizing dynamic leadership approach to spearhead the initiation of high-level strategies and systems that reduced labor costs and turnover Curtailed expenditure with quantifiable impact on revenue and EBITDA through strategic budgeting, cost control measures, and accurate forecasting optimized for all projects and operational activitiesBoosted franchise-wide deliverability and performance efficiency by interfacing and supervising cross-functional management teams of Regional Managers, Executive Chefs, Area Food Service Trainers, and General Managers to identify gaps and implement viable solutions to exceed expected outcomeBridged performance gaps through targeted training program tailored to associates and leaderships that imbued safety-first culture for the health of employees while spearheading human capital recruitment, onboarding, development, training, and succession planning for seamless franchise operationsPrioritized franchise interest and gained the best market value during RFP and contract negotiation with large-scale wholesalers, food distributors, and other ancillary businesses, facilitating franchise execution and accountability KWIK CHEK FOOD STORES, INC.Director of Retail Food and Service Operations – Franchise ManagementOct. 2008 – Sept. 2014Designated to spearhead executive-level business leadership and operational responsibility for $100M in revenue. Responsible for overseeing all retail and foodservice marketing/operations of 7 different food concepts and creating proprietary programs in 44 stores in the Texas and Oklahoma region.AchievementsMaximized revenue growth with high sales return by innovating and implementing measures that curb excess expenditure and increase EBITDABoosted revenue returns by optimizing sales data to forecast and develop a viable budget and innovated strategic and performance-driven strategies and executive systems that reduced labor costs and turnoverChampioned growth and expansion of the franchise by prioritizing all managerial aspects to drive organization vision by coordinating HR activities involving all efforts for management recruitment, screening/onboarding to hire competent leaders in compliance with EEOC policyEnhanced deliverability and performance that exceeded $100M revenue benchmark by spearheading human capital development and succession planning, hiring Food Service Managers/District Managers, developing operational systems, targeted training program, and supervision of Regional Managers, Training team and General ManagersIncreased profit and revenue growth via strategic CapEx planning and project oversight and gained best market value via contract and vendor negotiation, overseeing RFP and compliance for all retail programsMURPHY OIL CORPORATION, ELDORADO, ARKANSASManaging Director2006 – 2008Recruited to supervise the operation of 15 retail units in the Texas and Oklahoma market, totaling $100M in revenue. Coordinated efforts for management recruitment, screening/onboarding, candidate tracking, and EEOC compliance; hired and trained Store Managers and General Managers.AchievementsBoosted sales and revenue returns with high EBITDA with the innovation and execution of competitive retail and fuel pricing strategies per market trend and demandIncreased regional annual revenues via creative concept design, product lines development, and operational systems implementation by coordinating strategies and effective time/resource optimizationEnhanced productivity and overall staff deliverability by leading human capital development and succession planning via targeted training program and mentorship program for employeesPrioritized employees, customers, and community safety and wellbeing by instilling adherence to health and safety policies while spearheading EPA regulatory compliance and environmental auditing Maximized financial return through strategic budgeting and forecasting, including leading RFP, vendor negotiations, contract proposal, and compliance for all retail programs while prioritizing organization interest and benefit19051054100EDUCATION1905171450Bachelor of ScienceNorth Texas State University, Denton, Texas