Lauren Rankin
I am looking for a career in the
Operations field possibly with customer
service inv olved. I have the experience of
running successful stores along side
keeping cust omers happy and coming
back for more.
Experience Education
Operations/ Cust omer Service
At Western Sport I spend my days talking with customers to
fulfill their needs. Whether Western Sport can fulfill them, or
we put them in the right direction, customers leave satis fied. I
also fulf ill/ package orders while main taining accurate
inventory levels. My job duties also include processing
background checks along with many other go vernment
2018- 2020
Assistan t Manager/ Sales
At Palm Beach one of my job duties included expert
knowledge of our services. The staff at Palm Beach had
weekly goals for sales and in order to reach those numbers
we had to study and pr actice our knowledge on m any topics.
As an asst. manager I led a team of 5 -8 employees. I created
daily/weekly/monthly reports and goals and created systems
to implement those reports. Bonus pay was given to the
assistant store manager and manager according to
BSBA -Management
Graduated from Oklahoma State
University with a Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration-Management.
Operations and Supply Chain
Studied at the University of North Texas .
Northwest High School
Earned my high school d iploma and
graduated a year early.
• Leadership
• Organization
• Problem solving
• Teamwork

808 Maple Creek Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76177
(817) 600-3575
L exir9
l inkedin. com/in/la uren-rankin21