Mary  Benavidez110 Stevenson Apt P Picayune Ms 39466–   228-344-0134 April 20, 2021Attention: Hiring ManagerDynamic catalyst spurring consistent recognition-level success, paired with an over-the-top 90% increase of guest and employee experiences, marketability, and sales, I submit my resume with assured expectation of expert oversight of demanding daily operations. Bringing with me an unrivaled sense of cultivated ingenuity, it is with firm conviction that upon review, you will capitalize on my second to none skills and expand the scope of my winning formulas and take my career path boldly into the next level.My greatest strength, among many others, is an operative people based hyper-enhanced philosophy that incorporates active listening, relatability, flexability and tolerance of the ever-growing and changing cultural attitudes and norms. I translate this and couple it with a competitive market edge to perform for those I work with / for / and on behalf of to lead and coach with everyone’s success in that vision to meet the requirements of community needs (and better that) to excel in these areas:Unparalleled aptitude in developing profitable partnerships within a network of guests, staff and vendor relations represented by company wide distinction in leading, designated training stores in world-renowned companies Proficiency in creating employee career development opportunities Strong track record of bottom-line responsibility and accountability A career-long history of consistently increasing productivityInnovational professional with over 40+ years of diverse managerial scope and legacy in restaurant and marketing arenas with demonstrated initiative, creativity and award-winning success.  Forward thinking, move-ready and bilingual leadership in a multi-cultural and global environment. Representing the symbol of corporate brand name as The go-to standard for excellence in the industry by having raised the bar of exemplary recognition.Mary Benavidez, Assistant General Manager P.O. Box 4183 Bay St. Louis, Ms 39521 Cell (228-344-0134)Objective:  To provide unparalleled passion in the daily management, delegation and training for existing and new developments, acting as the cornerstone of this foundation, in the position of offering my performance driven results and talents as Restaurant Assistant General  Manager. I will uniquely contribute to fostering the expansion of company success by evaluating, creating, and sustaining an environment of comfort and luxury, while adhering to the distinguished protocol of mentoring bodies and minds to cultural values, and validating systems in place. 14 Year Career Crowning Moments at The Cheesecake Factory: Barton Creek, Northstar Mall, La Cantera and Metairie.—-San Antonio & Austin, Texas / Louisiana6 time multiple nominees for Restaurant of the Year Multiple award recipients of the regional “Big Hitter” Bats Awards in Sales (11 quarters of wins) Booming sales & employment in the Austin and San Antonio communities by adding another restaurant to each location Spearheading deep South satellite expansion possibilitiesOriginal Opening Management Team for The Cheesecake Factory at Barton Creek and at La Cantera The Cheesecake Factory  2007 – Present   Other Dynamic Professional ExperienceInnovational professional with over 34 years of diverse managerial experience and expertise in restaurant and marketing arenas with demonstrated initiative, creativity and success.  Forward thinking, move-ready and bilingual leadership in a multi-cultural and global environment.Career Proficiency:  in P & L management: consistent with the company’s goal in cost of sales, set-up cost ( non-perishable, produce, dairy, paper items, and bread), total direct labor, overtime, variable expenses, manageable expenses, facilities (building/site equipment repairs), and occupancy overhead charges (detected an overcharge on taxes in our lease resulting in a $20,000+ oversight recovery) Red Lobster opening in Laredo, Texas.Self-Motivated:  created and distributed to all GMs and upper level corporate management the organizational handbook for our most critical restaurant audits, welcome aboard manager responsibilities, weekly number tracking sheet, weekly wine/liquor training guide, motivational music soundtrack along with music research and its impact, guests interaction video tape, 4 week sales tracking for reviews, P & L break-down sheets, P & L presentation sheet, holiday alert sheets, sanitation cue cards, and recognition boards.Accomplishments:  continuously and systematically generating the region’s highest competitive check average, total direct labor control, benchmarking the 2nd most successful opening in Red Lobster history at that time, exceeded and surpassed goals in low performing restaurants, awards in lobby excellence, awards in highest increases in beverage sales and award in unique entrée presentation.Owning leadership:  leading 150 crew members, creating a promote from within culture, team building, mentoring countless crew members into the management program, impacting new and existing crew members with non-leadership roles through professional motivation, inspiration, ever-constant energy, fun, enthusiasm and friendliness.Amazing organizational skills:  interview processing, staffing, inventory, schedules, manager duties, manager meetings, deadlines, presentations, charts, promotion, award winning execution of daily operations and regional barometers, crew meeting agenda, roll-out for a specific pos/dash system made especially for Darden Restaurants (critical presentation) and month-ending data.Outstanding humanity:  fundraised toy run for the battered women and children for Christmas in Laredo, Texas and for orphanages in Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Organized and run projects in Nature and Wildlife including beach clean-up in Brownsville, Texas and the animal sanctuary in McAllen, Texas. Monthly participation to serve the homeless in Salina, Kansas, and spending time with patients in the hospice home, as well as conducting a drive to donate an 18 wheeler of food, water and necessities to Hurricane Katrina flood victims.Professional Experience:Running between 222,000.00 – 250,000.00 in weekly sales Managing all workgroups with great success Taking charge of the server workgroup for about 8 years  Adept at managing the manager workgroup Responsible for Manager schedules Responsible for Manager monthly performance goals Leaded New Menu Roll-Out meetings with great success Go-to manager for both FOH and Kitchen staff Teamwork focus with the kitchen management on accountability for food cost and follow-thru First to lead in all managerial projects and objectives Workability in maintaining manger schedules Top-notch, unrivaled excellence in Communication, Leadership, Service- Mindedness and Problem Solving / Decision MakingSpecialty Recovery Team for Metairie, Louisiana This location was open in 2014 From 2014-2016 they had lost 3 entire teams of management This includes 5 general managers Retention was under 50% Sales under 90,000.00 a week Service ratings  under  2 stars in yelp Service in our company surveys at 5 instead of  a 10Arrived in 2016 Have lost one General Manager Retention at a 90% Sales over 125,000.00 a week Service ratings at a 4 star  Service ratings in our company at 10 with 60 surveys a monthI have assisted and have been the primary key performance manager (as well as Acting GM, as business needs dictated) in establishing training for new managers, front of the house staff and kitchen staff as well.I have developed an upcoming leaders team where I establish staff members growth to becoming managers.I have 4 staff members that have become 2 front of the house managers and promoted 2 in house kitchen managers through aggressive career blueprints and follow-ups.I also have 2 staff members, personally career tracked through me, that were nominated to open a new restaurant in Lubbock, Texas and have been promoted to Senior II managers.This was a struggling restaurant with the opening team not adhering to our culture and vision, as per our standards.  As a Recovering Team Specialist, our purpose was to go back and re-establish consistency to systems that are in place in every restaurant. During this time I have also returned to Omaha, Nebraska multiple times, at specific request in this recovery specialist capacity, where I have been there to support during trial times of losing management teams and for purposes of recalibration and overhaul. G,M., Mr. Humphry personally asked for my assistance, and I have been the only  support, visiting manager to be requested.During my work in Metairie, our restaurant has been nominated Restaurant of the Year, Most Improved Restaurant, and has become an official training restaurant in one of the most successful and profitable regions of our company.Openings:Recovering Team Metairie Louisiana 2016 ACTING AGM and AGM duties Senior II Manager Barton Creek, Austin 2014 All Workgroups supervised Manager Workgroup supervised AGM dutiesSenior II Manager La Cantera and Austin 2011 Server WorkgroupSenior Service Manager 2009-2010Managing 2007-2008 Red Lobster, Darden Restaurant Company, 1990-2006General Manager 2004-2006 Laredo, Texas: Weekly sales 50,000.00General Manager 2004-2005 Salina, Kansas Weekly sales 50,000.00General Manager  2003-2004 Laredo, Texas: Directed the opening of a multi-million restaurant in Laredo, Texas.  Participating in the recruiting of 150 crew members and the completion of the restaurant and hiring vendors, providing the licenses for liquor sales and product.Acting General Manager  2000-2003 McAllen, Texas: Extreme high volume restaurant with revenues between $1,000,000.00 and 2,000,000.00 dollarsManaging  1998-2000 Lake Jackson, TexasSenior Management   1995-1998 McAllen, TexasManaging    1991-1995 Brownsville, Texas: promoted as a dining room manager followed by being 2nd in commandManaging    1990-1991 Brownsville, Texas: was part of the opening as an hourly crew member and certified trainer, leading our Heart of the House in a successful openingProfessional References:Edward Perez Operating Partner Longhorn Steak House 1956-701-9924 Laredo, TexasKathy Lambert 504-493-8285 KathyLPC@yahoo.comBrandon Eldridge 228-860-2580 Operating Manager Toyota            Marc Baptiste                                                       Executive Kitchen Manager The Cheesecake Factory     San Antonio, Tx 407-919-8350David Seagers                                      Executive Kitchen Manager, Park GM Yogi Berra’s Jellystone Park       San Antonio, Texas