Mr. Marius J. Fakadej fakadejm@yahoo.com18206 Core Land Lane Cypress,Texas 77429C (216) 210-4121 Objective: To obtain a position with growth within the company, Help and implement all knowledge I’ve achieved through out my career. To obtain knowledge to help the business have financial growth.Experience: 2013-Present Miracle Method Refinishing Company North Olmstead, Ohio Refinishing Technician/Lead/POD leader. North Houston, Texas Have an ability to update any Commercial or Residential establishment into a beautiful masterpiece. Over see multiple man crews on projects to help grow a multi-million dollar franchise. Can estimate jobs to assist in growing the franchise. Managed to become a Lead tech and create a team under the instruction of franchise owner within my first two years with the company. I assist in training new technicians for multiple locations. Have multiple projects used as demos, promotions and seen on HGTV 2011-2013 Conn-Selmer Eastlake, Ohio Color Buffer Ability to Rough Buff and color completed material. This includes all slides, mouth pieces and all Marching horns, Baritones, and Tubas. Can repair dents, scratches, holes, pinholes burnt metal. Ability to use any size cotton wheel to create a beautiful finished product. 2005-2011 Coriander by Marius Cleveland, OH Owner/Operator Continuance of work on cook books. Ability to create special dietary needs using clients dietary needs Using all of my own recipes. (Thai, Italian, Asian, and South West American fusion.) Prepared family menus ahead of time delivered to be reheated at any time. All scratch bi-monthly menus. (70% Organic prepared dishes.) 2005-2011 Champp’s Americana Valley View/Westlake, OH Kitchen/Bar Manager Implemented and Controlled Budgeted programs for Labor, Food,Bar and Controllable’s Assisted in running a 26-28.5% food cost and a 23.5% bar Created all new programs for ordering guides, count sheets and declining budgets. Help run all promotions such as Pint nights, Karaoke, and team trivia as well as all home and local sports team events. Part of a team that created scores of 95% or better in customer satisfaction. In charge of monitoring FOH/BOH shifts including all deliveries, orders, daily edits. Responsible for training new and existing employee’s, Supervisors, and Managers.Education: 1994-1997 Aviation/Rhodes and Newport Pacific High Cleveland, OH/Scranton, PA High School Graduate 3.5 G.P.A 1999-2001Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts Pittsburgh, PA Graduate Chef 3.40 G.P.A Certifications: Craftsman Republic 2020