Michael SmithManager(832)290-8488  |  Mikeysmith281@gmail.com   |  SummaryTo further my knowledge in field of management while utilizing the knowledge I have already obtained in order to enable your company to become but efficient and proficient while also reaching various career goals I have set.ExperienceAssistant Manager, Wal-Mart, Houston, TXLed numerous different teams, including overnight, modular team, cap 1 and 2 and regular associates to excel in their areas in several different locations. Mentor to several department managers, 4 new assistants around the district and many associates. Assisted in reducing turnover rates, increasing productivity, sales, and customer ratings to meet goals set by market, regional and home office.Duties includes: Scheduling, teaching and training on processes, invoicing, reclamations, event planning, mentoring, complaint resolutions, handling incidents, examining and teaching P&L, payroll, 2013—2019Department Manager, Wal-Mart, Houston, TXGreatly increased sales of active and deleted merchandise leading to a near perfect backroom with minimal issues. Trained others who became department and zone managers. I was also the lead person on Project Reboot and many other modular projects around the store. Duties: Inventory Management, Pricing, Setting Modular, Maintaining Modular Integrity, Ordering, Prenotifications, Training, Maintaining Controls and Log Accuracy, Scheduling, Conducting Interviews, Executing and Training Others On IMS, Modular, Customer Service2012—2013Automotive Service Manager, Wal-Mart, Houston, TXIncreased Sales and reduced claims, kept the bay area fully staffed at all times through working with the Assistant and Store Managers to hire constantly in order to keep trained technicians in the bays at all times in order to meet Sales and Vehicle Count Goals. Ensured service area standards were maintained constantly.Duties: Scheduling, Ordering Supplies and Equipment, Checking In Merchandise, Conducting Interviews, Supervising Multiple Associates Simultaneously, Training Technicians, Service Writers, and Cashiers, Servicing Vehicles, and Maintaining Equipment, and Filling In Any Positions Necessary.2009-2012Assistant Manager, Jiffy Lube, Houston, TXEnsured all vehicles were serviced according to our standards and guidelines while reaching our daily, weekly and monthly sales 2 goals.Duties: Hiring, Scheduling, Servicing Vehicles, resolving customer issues, ordering products, supplies and equipment, maintaining inventory, payroll2008-2009Assistant Manager, Club Central, Houston, TX2006-2009Managed a set of family owned nightclubs, where I was not only the hiring manager and did the scheduling and payroll but also was trained in other positions as well in order to fill in when necessary.Duties: Hiring, Scheduling, Ordering, Payroll, Bartending, DjingEducationBachelors, Business Management, APUS, Houston, TX2015-2017Associates, Business Management, Lonestar College, Houston, TX2012-2015Associates, University of Houston, Houston, TX2004-2006Other SkillsProficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, Quicken, Finale, Java, C++, IT troubleshooting, Automobile Troubleshooting, Automobile Repairs and Maintenance, Computer Repair and Maintenance, Dispute resolutions