Ryan Olear3850 Daytona Dr Austintown, OH 44515330-245-7170Riverryan23@gmail.comObjectiveIt’s time for me to enjoy a career and be a difference maker for not only my family but for those I serve. My varied experiences bring a fresh and creative approach to problem solving. My interpersonal skills are what will set me apart from other candidates.ExperienceJMN Transportation & LogisticsAuto Transporter and Trainer 04/2017-Present Transport automotive units across the USA as a member of their “Strike Force” team. We were considered the elite drivers of the fleet. Our expertise and exceptional customer service helped develop better relationships with dealerships and other drivers in the company.Moore Transport Auto Transporter| 11/2015-04/2017I was responsible for the inspection, securement, transport and delivery of new vehicles to retailers all over the United States and Canada. I was regularly one of the top five revenue earners each month for the company. I took pride in my achievements as we had over 250 drivers in the fleet.NCAA Basketball OfficialBasketball Referee| 10/1998-04/2015 Through 100’s of referee developmental seminars and countless hours of personal study I was able to advance my career to the highest level possible. As a professional basketball official, I had to make snap decisions, combat and quell intense situations, and be able to communicate with others in highly stressful settings.. I also had to work with other officials of varying experiences and ages. Being able to work cohesively and create a balanced environment for the game was always a challenge that I thrived in.The Cadle Company Judgement Team Leader| 04/1998-05/2003 Along with three other co-workers, our judgment collection team was comprised of individuals who were persistent, instinctually gifted, and dedicated to fact finding. Our team was one department within The Cadle Company, which dealt in debt collection. My specific functions included finding assets and fact finding of the loans made for the individuals who owed debt in excess of $50,000. I became so effective at my collection methods and research that my direct supervisor regularly would include me on much more difficult cases. EducationI had a very blessed education. I was one of the eight students selected in my grade school’s initial gifted student class in 1985. One day each week, we were secluded from our classmates and exposed to higher levels of education which included but not limited to more cognitive problem solving, mind expanding exercises and it allowed me to attend Space Academy in Huntsville, AL. I graduated 3rd out of a class of 119 students in 1993. I also tested out of all math courses for high school while I was in 8th grade. Newton Falls High School 1990-1993. 3.92 GPAYoungstown State University 1993-1997 BA Science (geography) BA Jazz Performance (trumpet) 3.85 GPAAwards and AcknowledgementsAs a basketball official, I was selected to enter into the NBA developmental program. I attribute my rise to my desire to succeed and attention to detail. Through my interpersonal skills, I was able to create opportunities to display my talents and advance my careerAs a trumpet player in high school and college, I’ve performed with countless talented artists. This skill set has helped mold my character and ability to develop a knack for making those I interact with, relax in my presenceAttended Ohio Boy’s State for government in 1992Winner of both the American Legion Scholarship and The John Philip Sousa Scholarship in 1993My academic accolades were numerous and far exceeding my memory. Unfortunately, my ability to learn led me to often being bored with the standard curriculum that was taughtREFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST