Stephen Padgett1411 Wood Hollow Drive, #35201~ Houston, TX 77057 ~ (773) 458-3658 ~ stevepadgett1@yahoo.comOPERATIONS MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALA Business Operations Manager with a distinguished career history of directing all activities, operations, and projects to drive client and employee satisfaction rates, reduce costs, increase performance efficiency levels, and drive quality across rapid-paced and evolving markets. Develops collaborative working environments, leads training and professional development, administers budgets, procures supplies, equipment, and services to ensure ongoing operations, and authors business plans to drive competitive advantage, retain top talent, unleash the professional potential of each team member, and mitigate threats and risks.Inspires Professional Growth ~ Led 100+ Employees to be PromotedOperations Management ~ Human Resources ~ Budget Administration ~ Procurement ~ Performance ManagementCustomer and Employee Relations ~ Increases Bottom Line Profits ~ Talent Acquisition/Retention Directs Employee Recognition Programs ~ Business/Workforce Planning ~ Training/Coaching ~ Succession PlanningRecognized/Rewards Achievement ~ Vendor Relations ~ Inventory Management ~ Authors Company Policies/Procedures CAREER HISTORYKenny & Ziggy