Terry Moore
Kitchen Manager – Bar Louie
Grafton, OH 44044
(440) 506-6302
Work Experience
Kitchen Manager
Bar Louie – Strongsville, OH
August 2018 to Present
• Food cost 
• Food Variance 
• Comparative P&L 
• Declining budgets 
• Scheduling 
• Hiring 
• Discipline when necessary 
• Safe audits 
• Deposits 
• Cash handling 
• Menu roll outs 
• Inspections prep 
• Prep lists 
• Inventory 
• Cost if goods sold 
• Labor management 
• Equipment maintenance 
• Sales goals 
• Sales promotions 
• Training 
• M.I.T. trainer 
• -0.68 food variance average from time of hire 
• Corporate manager trainer 
• Top scores in all inspections
Executive Chef
Sterk’s Brickyard Bar and Grill – Oberlin, OH
March 2017 to Present
• Menu Creation for up to 140 covers 

• Create Daily Specials 
• Scheduling 
• Ordering 
• Monitor food cost and food variance 
• Hiring, Firing, Discipline 
• Restaurant cleanliness 
• Inspections 
• Training 
• Prep/ prep lists 
• promotions 
• Marketing 
• Quality Control 
• Radio Advertising 
• Raising awareness through Google, Facebook, and radio marketing that increased google ratings
from 3.9 to 4.2 and Facebook rating from 4.0 to 4.5 resulting in higher sales and better guest
Executive Chef
Cambria Hotel Avon – Avon, OH
2015 to 2017
• Develop Menu Recipes 
• Plate presentation 
• Monitor Food Cost 
• Buffet chef and set up 
• Product ordering 
• Banquet chef and set up for up to 500 covers 
• Bartending 
• Breakfast and dinner chef 
• Helped raise rating for food quality and food variety which helped keep our platinum status amongst
other hotels in the area 
• Some of my original recipes were implemented onto the chef specialty menu. 
• Convinced upper management to convert to a primarily scratch kitchen which resulted in having the
best food cost for Choice Hotels in the state of Ohio. 
• Cooked and served for Republican National Convention up to 500 covers.
Bar 145 – Avon, OH
2014 to 2015
• Cook menu items to chef specifications 
• Help make S.O.D. 
• Work grill, sauté, fry, salads, and prep 
• Clean restaurant 
• Cook brunch on weekends

Restaurant (Key) Manager
Applebee’s Neighbourhood Grill and Bar – Elyria, OH
2006 to 2015
• Awarded “Employee of the Month” six times 
• Awarded “Employee of the Year” in 2008 
• Received multiple pins such as “Lead Chef”, “Team Work”, “Work Attendance”, “Speed”, “Trainer”,
“Key Manager” and “Ability” 
• Process paid ins/paid outs and take care of store deposits 
• Take inventory and place orders for supplies needed for store 
• In charge of new menu roll out training 
• Manage food costs, portion control, and food variance 
• Trained at least 50 employees on kitchen operations, safety, and sanitation procedures along with 20
+ Front of the house Team members 
• Grill, flat top, fry, prep cooking 
• Expedite food orders in a timely manner 
• Execute disciplinary actions when needed 
• Participate in Appleseed training classes monthly 
• Coach and counsel team members to drive sales and increase guest satisfaction 
• Maintained a company goal standard of 17% Labor cost, 15% food cost, and 1% food variance 
• Administered fun and inspiring contests to push front of the house staff to increase bar sales. •
Coached bartenders to get a bar drinks to guest within one minute and servers to up sale second drink
before entrée reaches the table.
Driving Manager
Pizza Hut – Amherst, OH
2004 to 2006
• Trained 5 employees on company procedures 
• Took initiative to redo and update the delivery map 
• Answered phones and took customers’ orders 
• Handled deposits after each shift
Coating Technician
Forest City Tech – Wellington, OH
2003 to 2004
• Performed shipping and receiving duties 
• Nylon Epoxy coating, Thread coating, and Mastics
Ponderosa Steak House – Lorain, OH
2002 to 2003
• Took customers’ orders and seated them at their tables 
• Waited on guests and delivered their entries in timely manner 
• Bussed tables and washed dishes

Hardees Restaurant – Lorain, OH
2001 to 2002
• Took customers’ orders and handled payment transactions 
• Prepped food, assembled sandwiches, and cooked on the grill
High School Diploma
South View High School – Lorain, OH
•Cost Control
•Inventory Management
•Profit & Loss (Less than 1 year)
•Budget Management (2 years)
•Marketing (2 years)
•recipe development (4 years)
•Menu Planning Experience (2 years)
•Microsoft Word (10+ years)
•Aloha POS (6 years)
•Hiring (6 years)
•termination (4 years)
•Training & Development (10+ years)
•M.I.T. trainer (5 years)
•Food Preparation Experience (10+ years)
•Food Service (10+ years)
•Food Safety Experience (10+ years)
•Food Handling (10+ years)
•Food Production Experience (10+ years)
•Variance Analysis (6 years)
•Sales Experience (10+ years)
•Sales Management (10+ years)
•Cooking Experience (10+ years)
•Banquet Experience (4 years)
•Pricing (4 years)
•deposits (10+ years)

•Time Management
•Culinary Experience
•Leadership Experience
•Management Experience
employee of the year
Certifications and Licenses
November 2018 to Present
level 2 Manager
A.C.E.A.A responsible service of alcohol
November 2018 to November 2020
General Management Skills — Proficient
December 2019
Performing business math, reading and interpreting P&L statements, and solving group scheduling
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_assignment/b5a5yzvdjf-dpiwg
Food Safety — Proficient
April 2019
Proper food handling, storage, and equipment use for preventing the spread of foodborne illness.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/
Cooking Skills: Basic Food Preparation — Highly Proficient
August 2019
Preparing food, using cooking equipment, and converting ingredient measurements.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/

Mechanical Skills: Aptitude — Proficient
September 2019
Understanding and applying mechanical concepts and processes.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant — Proficient
September 2019
Basic Word techniques, including the use of tools to format or edit text.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/
Scheduling — Highly Proficient
September 2019
Cross-referencing agendas and itineraries to avoid scheduling conflicts.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/
Administrative Assistant — Highly Proficient
September 2019
Using basic scheduling, attention to detail, and organizational skills in an office setting.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/
Cooking Skills: Basic Food Preparation — Expert
January 2019
Preparing food, using cooking equipment, and converting ingredient measurements.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_assignment/yuk28-lpljt2-jrj
Bartending — Highly Proficient
August 2019
Understanding, pouring, and mixing drink orders.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_assignment/sj3qhh9hwvj-4uco
Supervisory Skills: Directing Others — Highly Proficient
June 2019
Motivating others through feedback to identify improvements or corrective actions.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/
Restaurant Manager — Proficient
August 2019
Managing restaurant staff and meeting customer expectations.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_assignment/fzpaokxqxcq-qlqi
Supervisory Skills: Directing Others — Expert
August 2019

Measures a candidate’s ability to motivate the performance of others through feedback to identify
improvements or corrective actions.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/
Food Safety — Expert
August 2019
Knowledge of proper food handling, storage, and equipment use for preventing the spread of
foodborne illness.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/
Mechanical Skills: Monitoring — Highly Proficient
February 2019
Measures a candidate’s ability to monitor machine indicators in order to ensure safe and appropriate
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/
Food Safety — Proficient
August 2019
Knowledge of proper food handling, storage, and equipment use for preventing the spread of
foodborne illness.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_assignment/bt3f0lqndagzh6fo
Management & Leadership Skills: Planning & Execution — Completed
August 2019
Planning and managing resources to accomplish organizational goals.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_assignment/uixw1yiqzc8j82e9
Management & Leadership Skills: Impact & Influence — Highly Proficient
August 2019
Adapting leadership style to accomplish goals using rational or emotional appeal.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_assignment/ub8-v5rriaawqd5d
Verbal Communication — Highly Proficient
January 2020
Speaking clearly, correctly, and concisely.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_assignment/eu67r1xxzrg4qt2l
Supervisory Skills: Directing Others — Highly Proficient
December 2019
Motivating others to achieve objectives and identifying improvements or corrective actions.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/
Food Safety — Expert
January 2020

Proper food handling, storage, and equipment use for preventing the spread of foodborne illness.
Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/
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