Hiring information below –

I would suggest emailing or /and calling Blair yourself -let him know about your experience
introduce yourself -let her know you and I work together with HPS
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Jason Randermann

See work orders list -actually there is no list – BWC always has openings in Houston and Austin -we can work both

Salary range should look in 45k-55k for normal FOH & KM positions. IF a candidate who is GM promotable is interested in BWC, they will hire in the 55k-65k range, start them as a normal operator and develop them. They will NOT be hiring directly into the GM role, even if they receive close to GM pay.

DESIRED PROFILE (copy & paste this into your job postings):
• Moderate volume, 2-3 Million/year and up if full-service, 1.5 million & up if fast casual
• Has had a lot of success with candidates from both full-service AND fast-casual concepts. **Barret was a Panera Bread guy**
• Black walnut is about 90% scratch, so any mostly fresh food concept (i.e. Jason’s, Corner, Panera, Zoe’s, etc.) is preferred
• 52-55 hours/week for FOH & KM’s, 58-60 hours/week if they get to GM.
• Guaranteed 2 days off per week

Bonus potential:

Our bonus program pays out quarterly. A manager is not eligible until they reach 6 months. As and Ops or KM they can receive anywhere from $150-750 per bonus. We use a balance scorecard approach to the bonus. #’s are a large part but we also include secret shoppers, health inspections, paperwork, and organization of the café.

Benefits Info:
• Health, Dental & Vision offerings – BWC pays HALF of premiums for managers, other half plus any policy riders will come out of their pocket.
• 401k offered day 1, company will match 4% of total annual contribution after 1st year.
• PTO = industry standard, automatic 2 weeks after 1st year. Can earn PTO DAYS after first 90 days with company.

1) Submit directly to Barret at bbailey@blackwalnutcafe.com
2) CC kyle@hprosearch.com (Dallas team) OR submit@hprosearch.com (Houston Team)

1) Phone screen w/ Barret Bailey
2) “Day In The Life” (11am – 2pm) w/ District Manager – will cashier, expedite, walk floor & tour facility, then chat w/ DM @ end
3) Final Interview w/ President of BWC, Joe Broussard (may be phone or F2F, depending on Joe’s schedule & whereabouts).
4) Offer