Salary range:
GM – 40-55-starting pay, can make up to 65k
AM – 36-45-starting pay, can make more

Bonus Potential:
GM- Up to $3000 per quarter
AM – none

Bonus Criteria:
GM- 10% sales, 25% CGS, 25% COL, 10% EBITDA, 20% Subjective(Sales and EBITDA can exceed 10%-can go up to 20%)
AM- None

They do offer health benefits to unit management. They do have the standard vacation policy.

Hiring process – Full background check-criminal not financial.

The managers work predominantly 5 days a week they are scheduled 50-55 hrs/week (quality of life)

The units in the Houston area are pretty spread out. They consider the candidate’s location and needs, They move AM’s more than GM’s.

There is good upward growth opportunity with BreWingZ. They always prefer to promote from within.

Training – 5 weeks- last week in unit they will be placed in first. Have 3 stores we train at-Silber, Northpark, CR59.

The fee is $3100
120 day guarantee –
They pay in 30 days.

Submit resumes to all of the below:

Matt Fire –>
Jeremy Horne –
Gene Cain –
Robert Snelson –

Send to all 4 –
They set up interviews each Friday at one of the locations
2 ADOs will conduct the initial interview -they both have to agree on the candidate to move to the second round