Refer to the staffing spreadsheet for the multi unit supervisor listed next to the need. Also listed on the Alignment tab.
Refer to the Definitions tab for salary ranges by position and concept.

Send candidates to the multi unit manager or Concept President, whichever is listed and copy me.

When the multi unit manager or concept president asks you to send paperwork (application, and consent for background) and instructions for the online testing, please send the attached.

Also attached is the benefit information we provide to candidates. Once hired they will receive more benefits information at Orientation.

Manager training is 6 weeks, 60 hours a week for most concepts. In Dallas for Cantina Laredo, El Chico, Silver Fox, and Cool River. In Austin for III Forks. Black Oak Grill could be either Branson or Omaha, will vary.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Tobey Hartman
Director of Human Resources
Consolidated Restaurant Operations
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Dallas, Tx. 75234
Fax: 972-888-8150