To All,

HPS pays 60% commission to accounts that a recruiter secures on his /her own -the qualifiers are accounts that HPS is not in negotiations with, or hasn’t approached within the last 12 months.

There is a new client introduction email – I will send in a separate email
I have attached the New Client Questionnaire to use during the interview
If you are not sure, check with me -I can let you know the status of potential client
Our fees are what ever you can negotiate -but shouldn’t go below 10% of the candidate’s salary at hire, or $3500-$4000 flat fee -terms -120 days for unit managers 160 for Corporate or multi-unit -do not start the search until we have the signed contingency in my hands -if there is a different fee and term structure presented -contact me

For your clients that have gone dormant – Remember the management staff turns over at a rate of 30% a year
The client does not always think of HPS or you, the recruiter – So we must stay in the front of their mind -but but on a reasonable time frame basis
if you are reaching out and the cline says -“we are good” -I would reach out again in 6-8 weeks -figure out a reason -oh I ate there or I saw a friend of yours -or -“just checking in” I usually get work orders when I do that.
Make contact with all your clients that you have had no communication with in a while.

Also – with your current work orders -if substantial time has passed you might want to verify that the work orders are still valid

There is new business and there is old business that we have not asked for.
There is a tab on the work order spreadsheet I send out – “completed or pending work orders -check out
the ones with your name on it -or feel free to ask me about ones without names on them.

There is enough untapped business out there for all of us to stay busy for a long time