We use Public Data to conduct Background checks on all candidates we present
It just saves time -in the beginning -and doesn’t take very long at all

During the first interview with a candidate -we always ask -is there anything in your background that would prevent
You from being eligible for this position – but we do a background check anyway regardless of the answer.

If you are going to submit a candidate – run the background check first – Again -it will save time
You may not want to present the candidate once you conduct the check

If there is an issue -let the candidate respond.

Go to: www.publicdata.com
Password : kansas767

Log on: then click on the green bar
Select Criminal and advanced , first
You will need the candidates Name -(Full name including middle)
Current address

Click on Advanced under criminal and enter the name – if you find a match -or what you think is a match
You then want to cross check it with DOB, and ,or Address – If you get a “no results’ response that means the background is clear

Always select all 50 states

Try it on you next candidate and call me with any questions
You will need to get his information
You do not need a release for this information -only if you ask for a SS#
which in that case we have a company that handles those searches -for CEOs, CFOs anyone with bank access and signature power