Candidate Questionnaire Sample #2

Attached is the Candidate Questionnaire
I have included 3 samples
Each client will be different and the questions may need to be modified
to fit the profile of that client – Once you have the questionnaire set for that specific client
you can save it to your desktop in the clients name for future use

This is an important tool – there are some disqualifying questions
we will address each one

It is very important to pay close attention to the candidate’s answers -and take very detailed notes
The answers you receive will be the basis for the bio you will write to present to the client.

There are several ways to take the notes – some recruiters -print the resume
and have the questionnaire next to it during the interview
They would ask questions from the questionnaire -and site the notes on the resume (plenty of room)

The bio is what will make the hiring manager want to open the resume.

Things to include –
Salary expectations
Special training
Awards received
Company achievements
Why the candidate is looking
Candidate’s availability for an interview – usually 10-14 days out from the date of submittal
If the candidate has worked with a company not recognizable, or not in the local area -hyper link the name os the business

Basically – information that is not on the resume, and highlight important information that is on the resume.