Most of us are working Houston accounts
Although I try to split the accounts by dining style (fine dining, casual full service, Fast casual),
from time to time there is cross-over and two recruiters are contacting the same candidate -which is pretty much expected since
we are all fishing from the same pond -along with about 50 other local recruiting agencies.

We can prevent “Candidate Wars” by following a few steps when interviewing candidates
knowing that sometimes candidates are not as forthcoming as we would hope.

Ask the candidate if he/she is working with other recruiting agencies
Ask the candidate if he/she is working with another recruiter from Hospitality Pro Search

If you find a candidate that you want to move forward with from the HPS Back Office
there is a place for recruiter notes -post that you are interviewing the candidate -or whatever stage they are in in the hiring process.

If you find a candidate on Zip or Indeed – forward it to the other recruiters to let them know you are working with the candidate

What does “working with the candidate” mean?

You have an interview scheduled -or completed
You have scheduled the candidate an interview with a client
The candidate is deep in the hiring process with a client

Finding a resume with the intent to contact does not qualify as “working with the candidate”

Of course, none of this will work – but we can try.