Bobby Sue,

I wanted to send you some more information about the company and concept we spoke about on the phone
Please review the information, and let me know if you are interested.

The concept is San Martin Bakery. They are opening in the Uptown area of Dallas – 3120 McKinney Ave.
The building will be 8000 square feet -There will be a restaurant, retail bakery, and coffee shop, and take out area.
All menu items will be made from scratch. They roast their own coffee, and make all their baked goods on property.
The bakery will be – exhibition style -guests can see the baking process
They will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner -they will also make cakes pastries and bake their own breads.

You can visit this site: The San martin Bakery in Guatemala –
The San martin Bakery in Dallas will have the same menu as they do in Guatemala
You can review the menu on this site.
If you click on one of the pictures -you will see a slide show. The design and interior of the Dallas Bakery are going to be similar
to the Bakery in Guatemala – High ceilings, living walls, and lots of glass – exhibition bakery

The company has 51 bakeries in Ecuador and Guatemala. This is their first one in the US. They plan on opening
in early 2018. They are interviewing now as the senior management team will go to Guatemala for 6-8 weeks to train.

Below are some more sites to visit -you can also google the name to get information on the one in Dallas.
Hopefully the sites will give you a visual idea of what the design and food offering will look like.

San Martin Bakery Menu

New San Martin Bakery in La Antigua Guatemala

Again, review the information and let me know your thoughts, questions and interest level.
This could be a great opportunity for the right Manager.