Attached is some information to share with your candidates
on how to prepare for an interview -(phone or face to face)

The first 2 page are bullet points You can send to the candidate or share with him /her
but there is a lot of information -and they won’t remember it all

the remainder of the information is articles I found that can be shared via email or impart
during a coaching phone call -if you share it -challenge them to make sure they read it

The phone and face to face interview is extremely important -and we have no idea what is being said
or what the candidate is doing, saying or wearing. If we do our job -we can take some of the guess work out of the event.

I hope we all take this seriously and use the tool to help prepare our candidates

it could be the difference in a rejection letter and a second interview & offer

If you submit a candidate and he /she is scheduled for an interview – Make sure they visit your client’s website, reads reviews and
visits the physical restaurant when possible – this always makes the hiring manager think the candidate
is truly interested in the opportunity

It is also very important that you coach your candidates at each step -remember, the client doesn’t always keep us in the loop

We need to stress the importance of the candidate to contact you after each client contact –
You should always conduct an interview “debriefing” with your candidate – to get an idea of how it went -and to also get an idea of the questions asked to share with future candidates.

Make sure the candidate understands the job, company, position, profile, compensation package, bonus, benefits

When writing the bio and submitting the candidate’s resume, remember
We only submit valid, current, formal resumes in a word or PDF format -no resumes from Indeed should be submitted -there is usually no address
When writing the bio -always be accurate – include -languages, special training, accomplishments, certifications, multiple skills, volume experience and salary expectations, background

If I give you a client that I have interviewed -always call them up -let them know you will be working on the recruiting assignment for them and ask them all the questions I didn’t get answers for
Build a relationship with the client meet with them if possible -you will become their “go to” recruiter -know their desired profile -it will make your search easier and more productive