Basically there is a template to send an email to the candidate to the left of the resume

Fill out the information;

Fill in

Your Name –

Company – Hospitality Pro Search

Message -write something like this -once you write art- it will stay in the box -you will need to change it for other


My name is Tim Colley -I found your resume on Indeed
I have an opportunity that matches your skills and experience

The position is a Sous Chef for a fine dining restaurant based in Austin.
If you are interested in hearing about the opportunity, please apply to this job posting –
You can also contact me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you,


Title of job opening – leave blank

Next box – enter – Sous Chef Fine Dining Restaurant

Job description – enter – The job description and company details will be discussed during the interview process

Send resume –

You can also forward it to yourself

The way that Indeed works – If the candidate is interested, they will contact you with their contact information
then you can begin the interview process