To All

When you are having the “salary” conversation with your candidate
remember to be perfectly clear that you are both talking about the same “number”

I always use the term -base salary -not total compensation
Total compensation includes base, bonus, benefits, etc.

I ask for a base salary, annual bonus potential, and the bonus the candidate earned last year with his /her current employer
Then I ask what would salary and bonus would it take for you to consider another opportunity

Now we are talking apples to apples and there is no confusion when you get to offer stage

If there is a salary dispute during the offer stage -I ask the candidate -what will my client need to offer you -for you to accept?
Then you have 1/2 of the answer –

Always make sure you are perfectly clear on the salary part of the recruiting process

To All -a couple of things

1. The candidate’s salary expectations should always be in the body of the email in the bio.
A lot of candidates usually over salary themselves – If I believe this is the case -I will tell them them that is
fine – my client will want to see your latest W-2 – “Well, I can take less depending on the position” right?

2. When send ing the candidate interview confirmation email -make sure you remind the candidate to bring a formal copy of his /her resume to the interview