To All,

As we all know sometimes our clients are not so communicative
They also can take up to 5-6 interviews and weeks /months to get to the
offer stage of the hiring process

2 things should happen when discussing and presenting a candidate to one such client

Let candidate know it is a long process, and if they need to find something sooner this might not be the best path.
Ask them to let you know if they find something else or remove themselves from consideration during the process

Conduct a Public Data background check before you send candidate

References are checked -if asked at some time deep in the process -right before offer -you can gather the references
Most of our clients check their own references -which are received from the candidate

Stay in touch with candidate -make sure they know that our client may contact them directly to set up a phone screen or face to face interview
or they may contact the recruiter -if they contact the candidate – make sure you (the recruiter) is notified immediately -and you will do the same

Make sure the candidate keeps you posted throughout the hiring process -you may have to nudge them with emails or texts

Re-visit your previous clients -they never think of us -stay in their front of mind awareness – -every time I reach out to a few past clients
I always get work orders.


Have a great week