Below is some helpful information to get the most out of Indeed
This is for the resume database
There is a video, and 2 attachments
Hope it helps

Here is a great video that helps with the resume database.

Resume Database Video

See below for our resume search guidelines as well as helpful blogs and an attached pdf on best practices:

The below guidelines have been set in place to allow our clients to take advantage of Indeed Resume and give insight into what works best for reaching out to candidates. Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
Messages must be relevant and appropriate to the job seeker’s work history.
If the job requires a license or certification, only contact job seekers that already hold those qualifications.
No multi-level marketing, franchise, or training opportunities.
No generic recruiting or vague messaging. Each message must be for a specific purpose, generally an invitation to apply to a job, and include pertinent details.
Jobs with a commission only structure must be clearly identified.
Jobs must not require any form of payment from the job seeker.
If a corporate email is available, it is strongly recommended that it is used.
I’ve also attached our 7 Tips for Hiring with Indeed Resume and a Boolean Logic cheat sheet. These references are meant to help you navigate to the best hires with Indeed Resume.

I am having my client service team set up the account for the campaign. I will let you know once that is complete.