HPS Candidate Search Databases

HPS recruiters use several tools to search for qualified candidates. The key to success is to use all the tools available to you. The goal is to fill every recruiting assignment you are given.
If you follow the recruiting process, and use all the tools available you will see success, and get close to your goals.

• www.Indeed.com – we use Indeed to post ads, conduct candidates searches and save searches. Indeed is different from other data bases. There is no contact information on the resumes in the db. You will need to contact /email the candidate through Indeed.
Each recruiter is given a certain amount of views, or credits each month. You are able to earn more views, or credits. If the candidate responds to your email with the contact information –you will receive 2 credits, if the candidate answers but is not interested, you receive 1 credit, and if the candidate does not respond –you lose a credit –Your email should be composed to at least get a response. There will be a note in green if the candidate has been already contacted by another recruiter. You can save your searches on Indeed and have new resumes emailed to you daily – You do not have to begin a new search. We were posting ads for no cost on Indeed – They now are charging “per click”
Royl and I posted some test ads with miserable responses -We need to discuss this product and decide if it is worth the cost

• www.ZipRecruiter.com – We use Zip Recruiter the same as Indeed –To conduct candidate searches, and post jobs – When you conduct a search on Zip you will be able to see the candidate’s contact information. You can also forward the resumes to your self -or to another recruiter. You can also save searches on Zip. The Job posting on Zip –uses “slots” The posts never expire –You will be given a certain number of ads –they will be yours to use –you can, and should change your ads as frequently as possible –or when you have enough resume flow to be able to submit 3 candidates. –

These databases have all sorts of bells and buzzers to assist with applicant tracking. I personally use them to get resumes. I email them to myself, and use them from my email in box –I always email the candidates from my HPS email address.

• HPS/Back Office –HPS/BO – This is our proprietary data base. a recruiter can:
1. Post ads –that are displayed on the HPS website www.HProSearch.com
The ads are also picked up by other job boards.
2. Conduct candidate searches –all candidates are in the Hospitality Industry
3. Review operating documents
4. Review client documents –Hiring information –formal agreements, etc.
5. Leave notes and comments about clients you are working with
6. In-put candidates into the database for future use (see memo)
• Linked-in, Face-Book, Twitter – Social Media is a very important tool for recruiters. HPS has company sites for all three of the above – We post ads on them for recruiters –they are shorter versions than the ads you place on other databases, but they are very affective. It is wise to also use your personal SM sites – Let everyone know what you are doing –and post jobs on the sites.