I hope you have noticed that we are beginning to receive job applications from our HPS site
This is our goal -to become less dependent on Indeed and Zip Recruiter -they have become nothing but newspaper ads.

The way we continue to have direct applies from our website is to continue to do the following:

When you post job ads ( on all sites) –
When you in-email, message, tweet or post on LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, Zip,HPS B/O –
When you send an email from your HPS email –

Post the page on our site the job is listed on.

Example to candidate: “Please email or text me to setup a Phone call to discuss the opportunity I have. You can see more about the position and apply directly at http://hprosearch.com/jobdetails.php?id=2538&t=” / Recruiter -Go to the posting for the candidate you are emailing -copy & paste it in the email, text, etc. This action takes the candidate to our site and the job posting to apply – which is what we want. You might want to apply to a job on the website to see how easy it is, and to be able to explain the process to your candidates
Always include the “See more opportunities at http://hprosearch.com/jobs.php” (see my email signature)
Any method possible to drive traffic to our website -is a plus for us

There’s another tool that was tested last week that worked well. Checkout free Calendly.com account, a program to sync your phone’s calendar to your computer, and included a link to schedule a screening. You can see it here: It only works on iMac through iCloud -but it will most likely save a lot of time – eventually there is a charge. -Another time saving tool

Again -Our goal is to drive traffic to the HProSearch.com website – this is one more way -please use it