Live Training Process:

Welcome aboard – You Are Now a Part of The Hospitality Pro Search Recruiting Team!!

Your live training starts today! –live training means – you have the opportunity to earn a commission the day you start recruiting – Make sure you visit the training section in documents on HPS Back Office log in using your email address and the password you were given. – There are many resources in the training section and in the overall documents section. Be sure to review the relevant ones as you move through the process – excellent resources.
Make sure you follow the Steps of Recruiting Spreadsheet
Review the New Recruiter Information Packet

The Process:

The Work Order
Your trainer will assign you a work order from one of our clients –with the trainer
Your assignment will be to:

• Study the client –and the concept you will be recruiting for
• Go online to learn as much as you can about the company
• Review the hiring profile and information with the trainer
• If possible and necessary – visit with the client with the trainer
• Study the job description, requirements and compensation package
• Read online news articles and reviews
• Visit one of the company’s restaurants –if in your market
• Make sure you can identify the profile of the candidate your client is seeking

The Search Process
This is the most important part of the recruiting process – We use several tools to search for, locate and vet the most qualified candidate for the recruiting assignment. The tools we use are:
Indeed, ZipRecruiter, HPS/BO (our proprietary database), Linked-in, Face-Book, Twitter, your personal network, and the most effective direct recruiting (head-hunting) You should always use all recruiting tools available to you – the objective is to fill the recruiting assignment –however possible. It makes the client happy and you get a commission check.

• Make sure you know how to navigate through all resume databases
• Your trainer will walk you through each resume database
• Each database has tutorials and chat /help to help get you familiarized
• Read all information available on how to use “key words” for the search
• Using the information from your client research – gather “key words”
• Change the key words until the results you desire are returned
• If you find a resume you like –email /forward it to yourself
• Databases have many features – get the resume to your in-box immediately
• The resume should be entered into the HPS back office resume database
• Always set up “saved searches” on Zip Recruiter and Indeed –Your trainer will explain how – this way you do not have to start a new search each day –new resumes are emailed to you –daily.
• Continue to conduct your initial search –and email resumes to your self
• Make sure you really read the resume –before you send it to yourself – look for employment gaps / last job dates / Month and Years for each job / physical address on the contact line / grammar & spelling /
• Always verify with the candidate that all the information on the resume is correct
• At the end of the initial search –review and send the ones you think qualify to your trainer – make contact to review each resume –leave your saved search in place –make sure you name the search if possible.
• For candidates you find on Indeed –you will need to contact them through Indeed, and wait for the candidate to respond with their contact information –you can search for them on social media –you will have their name –and location –just no phone or email information.
• Be careful contacting a candidate on Social Media – you don’t want to expose them to their employer.
• If you have resumes of candidates you want to contact for an interview –move to the next step in the process

Posting Recruitment Ads:
• Review HPS Candidate Search Tools
• Review ads posted by other recruiters –get ideas
• Read How to spot ads in the documents section
• Make sure you understand “key words”, and relevancy
• Make the title POP –use it 6-8 times in the ad

Contacting the Candidate for an Interview /The Interview:
• Contact the candidates to schedule a phone, face time, or skype interview. The trainer will determine which one depending on the client’s instructions
• Use the “Request for interview” email to send to the candidate –as most emails to a new recipient go to spam –you will want to follow up the email with a phone call – coordinate with your trainer when scheduling a phone screen
• Be sure to ask the candidate to send you a current, formal resume –we only submit word, or PDF document resumes to the client
• The interview will be a 3-way call. Determine who will initiate the call you or the trainer – bring the candidate on the call last
• Review the candidate questionnaire with the trainer to determine if it needs modifying for this particular client & recruiting assignment
• Make sure you have the candidate questionnaire and the candidate’s resume in front of you during the call
• The trainer will conduct the interview you will take notes
• Make sure you take thorough notes –if you need to have an answer repeated –do so.
• The trainer will ask you if you have any questions –if you do, ask them.
• At some point in the interview, the will ask the candidate if he/she has spoken to, applied to, applied on line, been approached by your client -by name – if the answer is no –the process continues –if the candidate has interviewed with your client –the interview is over – so this should be done early in the interview process –as soon as you determine if you want to submit the candidate –
• If “yes” let the candidate you will keep his resume on file for future opportunities
• If you and the trainer decide to move forward with the candidate – make sure they are familiar with the concept – if not, the trainer will ask them to check out the company and concept, and visit one of the restaurants, if possible. The trainer will ask them to call back -as soon as possible to let you know if they are interested in being presented to the client.
• Conduct a background check on Public Data –Ask Candidate about criminal background
• Collect names and contact information of 3 references –for future use

Writing the Candidate’s Biography / Submitting the Candidate:
• The trainer will ask you to take the notes from the phone interview and the candidate’s resume, and write a biography
• Review in documents sample biographies –the key is to be informative, concise and brief – use bullet points –don’t make the bio too long.
• Make sure you include the candidate’s availability to interview over a 10-14 day period – this will save phone calls later.
• Refer to the “how to write a bio” entry in documents
• Review the bio with the trainer –adjust accordingly check spelling & grammar
• The trainer may let you submit the candidate with a sentence introducing your self -and asking for feedback since it is your first submittal to this client
• The trainer may submit the candidate –and introduce you as someone that will be helping with the recruiting assignment.

Follow Up /Next Step / The Interview/ Coaching the Candidate/ Communicating with the Client:
Once the candidate has been submitted to the Client – the recruiter needs to be engaged with both the candidate and the Client
• 2-3 days after the candidate has been submitted, if you haven’t had any feedback from the client – send an email –confirming that the candidate was received –and offer to help schedule an interview -see if the client has any questions about the candidate.
• The most frustrating part of recruiting is waiting to hear back –you must be patient – (yeah, right) this is the reason we submit 8-10 resumes weekly –
• If the client passes on the candidate – see if he/she will fit for another client
• If the client wants to interview your candidate –your work begins!
• Confirm the time, date and location of the interview
• Send the candidate the interview confirmation email (in documents) If confirmed email the client with confirmation email –to keep an electronic paper trail.
• Make sure the candidate takes 2 copies of his/her formal, current resume
• Make sure you know what the candidate’s attire should be for the interview
• Now the coaching begins – The candidate should know everything possible about the company and concept –review
• Send the candidate to the “Jobseeker’s page “ on the HPS website
• Review all steps to the interview with the candidate – prepare him /her
• Have the candidate call you after the interview while the event is fresh
• Follow –up with the client –next step /pass /no answer
• Inform the candidate of the next step

Follow Shift / references / assessments / Online Application / Offer
• Make sure you understand how the “follow shift is conducted, so you can prepare your candidate – The best way is to speak to a candidate that had a follow shift in the past –he will tell you everything you need to know –If this is your first candidate to follow –ask your client.
• We gather names of references in the beginning of the process – we don’t check them until the clients asks us to –what we need from the candidate – Name /relationship –place you worked together / phone number / email address – years worked together
• Use the Reference questionnaire – adjust the questions according to your clients directions – email the questionnaire to the reference –tell your candidate to contact the reference to let them know an email is coming, and he /she would appreciate a prompt response.
• Some clients require an online application by your candidate –check the documents section for details, or check with your trainer
• Some clients conduct assessments –You should talk to your client about how these work –and then guide your candidate through the process
• Some clients prefer that we compose and present the offer letter –You will need to get the details from the client –also, there are several offer letter samples in the document section of the HPS/BO –DO NOT SEND THE OFFER LETTER TO THE CANDIDATE UNLESS YOU HAVE CLIENT APPROVAL -DOCUMENTED (email)
• Send the candidate the “Counter Offer” – a copy is in the Documents folder on HPS/BO
• Always know exactly what the client wants to offer your candidate, and what your candidate will accept – check in documents on what compensation package means to the client and what it means to the candidate –this is very important – there should be no surprises –when you arrive at this step
• If the client low balls your candidate (and they will) –ask your candidate what his /her bottom line salary that will be accepted – then go back to the well –ONE TIME
• Remember –an offer letter is not an employment contract – it is an offer letter
• Stay on top of these steps – if you are asked to – usually you are not – it is all handled behind the scene.

Invoice Work Sheet / Invoice
• Read the information on “how to fill out an Invoice Worksheet (IWS)
• Send the IWS to
• A formal resume will be sent to the client on your candidates first day of employment –you will be copied on the email for your records
• Payment to you will be made upon the client’s check clearing the bank –either by check, or Zelle.

After the Hire:
• Make sure your candidate shows up on their first day
• Contact your client via email on or about the end of the guarantee period to see how your candidate is doing
• Ask your clients if they have any other critical management or culinary needs

Things That Can Happen:

• The candidate no shows for the phone call or interview
• The client no shows for the phone call or interview
• The candidate does not accept the offer
• The client low balls the candidate
• The background comes back bad –your candidate lied (Public Data)
• References are bad, which they are hardly ever bad
• Your client does not return your calls or emails
• Your candidate does not return your calls or emails