To All,

As most of you know -I was hacked this past Tuesday – In various fashions -I asked if you were free, or had time to talk.
The “from” name was “Gary Turner” -the email address was not

The common denominator was everyone he /she hacked had an email address

For a while -if you get a strange request from me -or something out of the ordinary – check the email address
Do not respond the request -call me -as most of you did. Just for safe practices, I would suggest changing your email password.

Below are the instructions on how to change your email password at our hosting company
Remember -you will also need to change the passwords to the new password on your computer, phone and tablet

Go to
Login with your full email address and password
You should be at a control panel with several email options.
Toward the middle of the page is Edit Your Settings.
Click Password & Security
Enter your new password twice.
Click Save
Note that here you can also adjust your spam filters, autoresponders, or forwarders.

I was hacked about 4 months ago -the same email was sent to only one recipient -hopefully this will
keep us all safe – It is a good practice to change all your passwords a few times a year

I would also suggest getting an AV and Malware program if you don’t have one – this is important since we are all on the internet
a lot -and receive a lot of emails from people we don’t know.