Good Day Saturday,

I hope you are all well and safe –
If you want to stay that way -do not go to the Krogger in Willis, or the Home -Depot in Conroe

Well, with not a whole lot of recruiting going on -I thought we could catch up on some house cleaning /keeping
We all have resumes on our desktop /hard drive -we also have resumes in folders in outlook or mail. The resumes
can stay where they are on your computer -I would also like for the resumes to be in our database for future use -but only the resumes
on your hard drive /desktop -you will need to save any resume in your email folders to your desktop /hard drive.

In attached groups of 10 resumes -please send them to – I have found an out of school student
That will in-put them into the back office -so they will be searchable. Email all resumes from your hard drive as attachments.

Once all resumes are emailed, and going forward – pick a day of the week and email all new resumes to the email address above –
Again you can keep your resumes on your hard drive. We only want to put qualified resumes in the database and only resumes that are in the hospitality
Industry – regardless of the position. There will be many duplicates – as we are all looking for the same candidate, in most cases

If you are working with a specific candidate – send them separately and make a note in the subject line -I will make sure there is a note in the database

Thank you