Memo to All:
A few things:

When negotiating or re-negotiating fees with a potential client,
our minimum standard fee structure is $3500 -$4000 flat fee or 10% of the candidate’s base salary at hire. Our average fee last year was $3900
If you get an account own your own – it is your account, and your commission is 60% -as long as the fee is $3500 or 10%
Our guarantee is 120 days for unit management and 180 days for corporate or multi-unit positions – the guarantee can be negotiated up or down.
Payment terms start at -payment due 10 days after the candidate starts work. this also can be negotiated but only by me or Jack.
You can start higher on the fee, if you wish and negotiate down to these fees / terms

Yes, we only receive $2250 from Massage Envy -That decision was made due to a much bigger picture play.
By the way -Congratulations Allison – 2 placements made with Massage Envy this year.

Last year we made 163 placements –
13.6 per month
3.1 per week