The username (HPS email) and password you have been given should give you access to most databases and the HPS email server. The passwords are case sensitive

HPS Back Office – URL –
Use your email and password to log in –We can post jobs (unlimited)
Review documents, search the resume database, and review training documents
User name:
Password: Cheddar@88

Webmail URL –
If you need to check your emails from a remote location
Use your email and password to log in
User Name:
Password: Cheddar@88

Indeed – Resume search – You can also place ads on this site
Your log in will be:
User name –
Password – HPSearch321
This is a little different I will explain when we meet

ZipRecruiter – – You will receive an email from Zip explaining what to do
(It will be sent your HPS email address) –We will go through this at training –We can post jobs and search the data base on this site
User Name:
Password: Cheddar@88

Social Media –We have Company sites for Linked-in, FaceBook, and Twitter –you can search for them on the site – We post ads and blogs on these sites –they work – I would suggest using your own SM sites to promote you, and your jobs – I will explain