To all,

Attached is an updated recruiting process spread sheet (the excel sheet)
The objective of the form is to ensure that the recruiter has utilized all the tools available to them
in order to create a great qualified resume flow for your work order –
You can use it as a guide -or put the name of the client in the top row and check off each step.

The email attachments are that are used in the process -these help you use your time more efficiently -so you can spend more time

The Blind Solicitation Email – I send this along with a phone call -remember 64% of todays work force looks for jobs on the phone
I have included 3 samples

The Client Information Email – I send this email once I have decided the candidate qualifies and is interested -this keeps me from explaining each company
10 times a day – and most of the candidates don’t remember everything you tell them -especially if you are discussing multiple opportunities. The email talks about the company, the position and any other information necessary for the candidate to help
the candidate make an educated decision

Confirmed Interview Email – This email is sent once the interview is confirmed by both parties.

Reference Check Email – Sent to the candidate’s references – these can be modified to suit the client’s needs – I find I get much better and quicker
response with email as opposed to playing phone tag -plus you can forward the email to the client. (if it is good -ha)

Candidate Questionnaire – This should be modified and saved for every client -based on the client questionnaire -and for the different positions

Client Questionnaire – This is the long version -always you get the accounts payable contact -if there is one

New Client questionnaire – This is the short version -the main information needed -there is plenty of room for notes