My Name is Gary Turner -with Hospitality Pro Search
We are a Houston based recruiting firm. I am currently working
with Sean Garrett with his job hunt. He provided you as a professional reference.

Below is a list of questions concerning Sean’s employment. You are welcome to
answer the questions right on this email and return. Please answer the questions you are comfortable
with answering. Please contact me with any questions -my contact information is below.

1. How long did you and Sean work together at Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill?

2. What was Sean’s position?

3. How many employees did Sean manage?

4. How would you describe Sean’s management skills in the kitchen?

5. How would you rate Sean’s ability to run the financial side of the kitchen?

6. Describe your professional relationship with Sean?

7. How would you describe Sean’s performance? / professionalism?

8. How would you describe Sean’s culinary expertise?

9. How would you describe Sean’s ability to train and develop culinary Staff and Management?

8. Would you recommend Sean for a Executive Kitchen Manager position? Why?

9. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you again for your help. Again, my contact information is below if you have any questions.
Please visit our website to learn more about our company. WWW.HOSPITALITYPROSEARCH.COM