Social media is a very effect way to reach your candidate target for a specific work order
Below are some rules of thumb on how to decide what to post on which site, and the process to get them posted.

Linked in works best for:
Upscale Casual
Fine Dining
Senior Management
Executive Chefs
Sales Managers

Facebook works best for:
Sous Chefs
Unit management -QSR, Fast Casual, – Super -Casual Full Service
Sales Managers

All of the above

If you have a specific ad you want to highlight and promote on Social Media send it to the appropriate person in your group by Friday of each week – and the ads will be posted – If you have a personal account on Linked in, Face Book, or Twitter – you may also want to post your ads so your connections can see them – On your personal site –you might want to make the ad more personal, conversational – not ad-like – Your Trainer will let you know who to send your postings to – You will need to edit them so they will comply with the Databases character limit
The ads should be modified to include Title, salary, location brief description of position & recruiter contact information.