Most of our clients received scores, maybe hundreds of resumes a day
I take the strategy of – I need to say amazing things in the fewest amount of words about my candidate
to compel this hiring manager /authority to open the resume…..
I compose an opening introduction sentence introducing the candidate
I tell where they are now -position and why they are looking -including the level of references of the most current employer. If I think the client might not be familiar with any of the candidate’s employer’s -I hyperlink the company /concept so they can view and review.

Then, I add bullets -short & fragmented sentences speaking of things not on the resume, or to highlight special skills, etc that are on the resume:

Salary (last -and keep the range narrow)
Bonus -earned not potential
Benefits employee only or dependents also included -employer’s contribution
Relocatable -leave open to negotiations -later
Statements of management style to you -the recruiter “hands on”, blah blah blah
FOH /BOH experience -ran a kitchen or was trained to run a kitchen
High Volume experience (a big one -6-10 million big deal -4 mill acceptable)
Special Training -with companies -or through the industry
Wine knowledge
Any accolades, or awards
Experience & skills dealing with local marketing

I also ask the candidate what his availability to interview either by phone, or in person for the next 10-14 days
I want specific days and times, and more than 1 or 2 -then I add that to the bio thus reducing phone calls and back and forth -if the client moves forward with the candidate

I conclude with let me set up the interview
No I do not include cover letters -I extract information from the CL and put it in the bios

Now this explanation is about twice as long as any bio I have ever written
Make the client not be able to resist the urge to open the resume

Sorry -you asked


Is it too much?

You do write amazing bios
I don’t know if I want hire them or marry them

Hello JoseLuis,

Please find the attached resume of Chris Naumcheff, an excellent candidate for the position of Assistant Kitchen Manager at Cantina Laredo in Nashville.

A bit about Chris:
· He is currently working at Blackstone, and the General Manager he originally worked with has since passed away. The owner has stepped in to handle the management and has a stronger focus on beer than food. Chris has found out that there are no plans to renew the lease for the kitchen after next year even though Chris’ food cost is 22%, so he would rather find a company that prides themselves on food and will continue to make it a priority.

· Chris helped The Stillery open their first small restaurant that was a taco shop. After he proved himself with that, he was promoted to Kitchen Manager at a larger location with a farm to table food concept before he was recruited by Blackstone.

· The position at Margaritaville was enjoyable until the location was purchased by an international company, causing all vacation, bonuses and medical benefits to restart from the day the company was purchased. Everything the management staff had already accrued was lost and the wait for new medical was one year, even though they previously had benefits.

· While with Cheesecake Factory, Chris started out as a line cook, then was promoted to a corporate trainer that allowed him to travel to many different locations and re-certify their Kitchen Managers in the training procedures. Chris then became a floating Executive Kitchen Manager and would travel, but was told he would need to either relocate to Dubai or stay in Las Vegas to obtain a permanent position- ultimately causing him to leave the company.

· When asked about the feelings of being an Assistant Kitchen Manager instead of a Kitchen Manager, Chris stated that he enjoyed both since the entire kitchen runs as a team. Different positions have different responsibilities, but all of them work together for the common goal of creating an enjoyable meal and experience for the guest.

· Chris’ current salary at Blackstone is $64,000 without bonuses. He is very flexible if there is bonus potential and was comfortable when I mentioned this position would be in the $50k range.

Chris was one of the most positive people I think I have ever interviewed. He seems to have a great sense of camaraderie and is looking for a company he can succeed with. I think he would be very happy with the stability that Cantina Laredo and CRO both offer, and you could develop a very loyal Manager working with him.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and I will be happy to help!