Most of our clients received scores, maybe hundreds of resumes a day
I take the strategy of – I need to say amazing, truthful things in the fewest amount of words about my candidate
to compel this hiring manager /authority to open the resume…..
I compose an opening introduction sentence introducing the candidate
I tell where they are now -position and why they are looking -including the level of references of the most current employer. If I think the client might not be familiar with any of the candidate’s employer’s -I hyperlink the company /concept so they can view and review.

Then, I add bullets -short & fragmented sentences speaking of things not on the resume, or to highlight special skills, etc that are on the resume:

Salary (last -and keep the range narrow) and put it last on the bullet list
Bonus -earned not potential
Benefits employee only or dependents also included -employer’s contribution
Relocatable -leave open to negotiations -later
Statements of management style to you -the recruiter “hands on”, blah blah blah
FOH /BOH experience -ran a kitchen or was trained to run a kitchen
High Volume experience (a big one -6-10 million big deal -4 mill acceptable)
Special Training -with companies -or through the industry
Wine knowledge
Any accolades, or awards
Experience & skills dealing with local marketing

I also ask the candidate what his availability to interview either by phone, or in person for the next 10-14 days
I want specific days and times, and more than 1 or 2 -then I add that to the bio thus reducing phone calls and back and forth -if the client moves forward with the candidate

I conclude with let me set up the interview
No I do not include cover letters -I extract information from the CL and put it in the bios

Now this explanation is about twice as long as any bio I have ever written
Make the client not be able to resist the urge to open the resume