Using Back Office Search

Applicant Search
If a ‘LETTER’ is selected from the alphabet links results are shown and ordered by [ApplicantName] no search params are taken into account. Alphabet links don’t work with any other filters or ordering.
LastName and Date radio boxes, is only for ordering the list. These might be redundant now that we can order by table headings.
If search text is submitted search is done in Boolean Mode against [ResumeText] and [Notes] meaning it searches for whatever text appears in the resume, not on the other current fields like [LastName] or [City]
For full instructions on using Boolean for this application, please see:
HPRO Back Office uses its own syntax with ‘+’, ‘-’, etc operators to do similar queries.

To search for results that contain at least one of the two words: restaurant or manager ‘restaurant manager’
To search for results that contain both words: restaurant and manager ‘+restaurant +manager’. Note that you must mark each of the words with ‘+’.
To search for results that contain the word “manager”, but put the higher rank for the ones that contain “restaurant”: ‘+manager restaurant’
To search for those that contain the word “restaurant” but not “manager” ‘+restaurant -manager’