When to tell the candidate who the client is you are considering him /her for?
You may never tell if you find the candidate does not qualify for any of our clients – How to end that phone call
There might be several clients the candidate would be a fit for – address them all – Have you spoken to?, or?, or?
have any of them contacted you -have you applied on line?
Are you working with another recruiting company – Are you working with anyone with HPS
The first 5 questions are usually disqualifiers.

Salary – not what candidate wants
Background – issues -or flat our lies and says no problems -but there are when you conduct a Public Data BGC
Has already applied to your client(s)
Drive too far -Not convenient
Not interested -or does not qualify for the service style
Does not qualify for the basic Clients ‘hiring profile (so, why would you have called him /her in the first place?

There is not a set time to reveal the client to the candidate -after certain questions have been asked and answered
Mostly -at the point when you feel you are going to move forward with the candidate an feel that he /she has a chance of getting hired